Up Home Booklet

The Up Home Booklet contains some of the information we must give you before you enter into an Up Home contract.

The rest of the information is in the Loan Schedule, which you will receive during the application process.

Your contract for Up Home consists of both documents and should be read together. You should read these documents carefully.

You should also keep the documents for your future reference.

Download the Up Home Booklet

Fair rates. No sneaky fees

Our home loans are haggle-free, and we’ve ditched a lot of bank fee bollocks to make your loan cheaper. 

How our fees and rates work

Stick with your Savers

Keep all your Up Savers, and see your money in one place. Savers automatically switch from earning interest to offsetting your loan.

What’s the magic with Up offsets?

Own it on turbo

Shorten the life of your loan with Round Ups, Boosted Round Ups, Pay Splitting, and all the Up features you love.

Show me how to speed it up!

First time friendly

Start off with as little as a 10% deposit in metro and major regional areas.

Is Up Home right for me?

Mighty fine details

Home loan words can be… a lot. Check out our plain English guide if anything on this page could use a little explanation.