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Super Powered Banking.

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Up is a clever app designed to help you organise your money and simplify your life, freeing you up to do more of the things you love.

Join thousands of people already using Up by downloading the app and getting on the waitlist.

Easy to try, sign up for a government guaranteed bank account with a debit card that you can add to Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, or even Garmin Pay™ and Fitbit Pay.

Naked Truth

See when, where and how you spend your money with complete clarity.

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Life Savers

Get more out of life with up to 2.75%* p.a. interest, multiple instant savers, and super powered round-ups.

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* Variable introductory interest rate made up of: Base rate 0.75% and Bonus rate 2.00% (both subject to change). Bonus interest applies across multiple Savers up to a combined balance of $50k for a 4 month period from when you join Up.

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Roam Free

Up’s the best way to save for your next holiday, and travel. Once you’re overseas your super powered debit card has you covered with no international purchase fees (online or in person), and no need to transfer money back-and-forth between multi-currency accounts.

Kill Bills

Pay your bills with Up, and send late fees to an early grave.

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Digital Native

Up keeps your money safe, while staying out of your way. It’s digital to the core, hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and built for mobile. Real-time push notifications and smart receipts keep you informed. You can bank with your voice, your watch, or your mobile phone. Pay your way (with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay) and in real-time (with NPP Osko and Pay ID).

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Apple Pay with instant push notifications is quite a nice advantage of @up_banking
@zachsimoneTwitter logo
@up_banking here comes more praise… love how easy it is to tag a location for a purchase! Such a small thing but actually being able to see where you’re spending money is massive!
@sammularczykTwitter logo
First purchase via @up_banking and Apple Pay this morning. Siick. Love how it even correctly guessed the *actual* merchant business name for me
@hughmiddletonTwitter logo
I felt so bad putting the card in a drawer once I set up Apple Pay. They did an amazing job 👌
@toolmantimTwitter logo
Seriously @up_banking are smashing it on CX - I raised a question re: categorisation to support, 2hrs later they manually fixed a transaction & in the release today a new feature allowing all to edit categories! (Was already on their roadmap) Loving the updates team!
@keranmTwitter logo

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Up is designed and built in South Melbourne by a bunch of passionate humans. How we came to be Up is an interesting story.

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