It’s time to reboot banking

Up is an alternative to your current bank, built from the ground up to help you spend wisely and save effortlessly.
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It’s 2018

… and yet, logging into your bank feels like you’re stuck in a time warp. There’s that crusty old ledger of credits and debits, unchanged for decades, only now shrunk down for mobile screens.

Debits Purchases

It turns out that many of these so-called “debits” are what most normal people would call “purchases”. Many of them happen out in the real world!

Spend Wisely

Up will present your purchases in a format you can understand, providing recognisable business names along with additional details like location and category.

Up recognises you have different kinds of spending. There are day-to-day purchases, and there are also charges that occur regularly.

Spending Patterns

By understanding your spending habits, we can begin to recognise patterns. It turns out most of us have quite a few monthly recurring charges — mobile phone, rent, music streaming, and car insurance to name a few.

Recognising these spending patterns allows us to then anticipate your future spending.

What are the essentials you need to cover?
How much is then left over for spending?

Your Spendable Balance

This is the money left over in your account once you’ve allowed for regular charges and savings contributions; the real amount you can safely spend.

These are just some of the ways Up will help you spend wisely.

Create Targets

Saving effortlessly starts by creating savings targets—not filling out a form to open a new savings account.

Create as many savings targets as you like. Up will do the work to help you achieve your goals on time.

A target doesn’t have to be something big like a trip to Europe or a deposit for a new house. You can use targets to automatically stash away a few dollars each week, so when it’s time to pay your annual car registration or insurance bill, you’ve got the money on hand.

Save Effortlessly

We believe everyone can save, and this habit is one of the keys to financial well-being. That’s why we’re building features to make saving effortless, like putting away the spare change from everyday purchases towards your targets.

Helping you spend wisely and save effortlessly is at the very heart of our mission. We are building Up to work hard for you, so you can say goodbye to banking busy work.

So who are we anyway?

Up is being hand-crafted by a dedicated team of designers and developers in Melbourne.

We’ve quested deep into the belly of the banking beast, battling enterprise demons and learning of its inner-most workings. We’ve now emerged back into the world—full of knowledge and passion—ready to apply the full force of modern product development to deliver the banking experience you deserve.

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