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Be a Great Mate

Getting your mates on Up makes it easier than ever to send and request money from them! Make IOUs a thing of the past with Pay Requests, forget about BSBs and account numbers with $Upnames and split bills faster with Slices.

Even better (or best?) when your mates join, they'll get all the benefits of being an Upsider. You're giving them tools they can use to help them master their money, smash their savings goals and simplify their lives.

To top it off, when you invite a mate, you'll get $10 when they become an Upsider. Each year you remain an Upsider your referral bonus will grow in value by an additional $1 (up to a max of $15).

See the full T&Cs below.

Unlock SMS Invites

  • Download the latest version of the app.
  • Verify your email address. You can resend your verification email from the Hook Up a Mate screen.
  • Make a purchase using a digital wallet or your Up card.
  • That's it. You should be able to invite friends now by hitting the big orange bar.
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Activate Your Personalised Sharing Page

As well as inviting your mates by SMS, you can turn on your personalised Shareable Hook Up a Mate page and get custom link you can share on Social and Group Chats. It'll look a bit like this:


Once you've set up your Upname and qualified for Hook Up a Mate head to the Hook Up a Mate screen in-app and tap your profile icon in the bottom right of the screen to enable it.

Heads up that by enabling your Shareable Hook Up a Mate page, your Upname and profile photo will be shared. If you’d rather keep that information private, you’re better off sticking with sending your mates an SMS via the direct ‘Invite friends’ flow in‑app.

If you do opt-in and later change your mind you can opt back out at any time (tap the three dots on the Hook Up a Mate screen in the app) and your shareable page will be deactivated.

Up personal Hook Up a Mate screen on a phone

Go In The Weekly Draw

Introducing 1-MATE-$100 — our weekly promo where if you Hook Up a Mate you could win one of 5 x $100 weekly prizes.

Whether you win or not, you’ll still get your normal referral fee if your mate signs up. But if you’re extra lucky, you might find an additional hundy deposited into your Up account. 1 mate is all it takes.

1-MATE-$100 winners are announced and paid weekly, every Monday morning. By entering (through the invite flow in the app) you provide permission for your Upname and profile picture to be published on our social channels if you win. Max 1 entry per person per week. Entry becomes valid once invitee has joined. Invitee is not entered into the draw.

See the full promo T&Cs here

Conditions Of Use

Hook Up a Mate is designed so that Upsiders can spread the word about Up (ABN 11 068 049 178) in the spirit of genuine advocacy and referral.

Invites expire automatically if the invitee has not become an Up customer (having passed ‘KYC’ and ID verification requirements) after 14 days. To receive the sign-on bonus, the invite code needs to be provided through the Up app.

We may at our absolute discretion cancel a “Hook Up a Mate” payment without notice to you. Without limiting the circumstances in which we may do so, we may cancel this feature under the following circumstances:

  • We believe you are acting in a fraudulent, deceptive or misleading way.
  • Your conduct is in breach of the terms and conditions.
  • We close your account.
  • We believe the security or quality of the Up app or related services is threatened.
  • You have unpaid fees or charges, or direct deposit dishonours on your account.
  • You are sending an excessive number of unsolicited invites.
  • To enable the sending of invites you must be an active Up customer with a verified email address and have made one or more purchases with Up. You will receive a notification once you qualify.

    To enable your shareable Hook Up a Mate page, you’ll need to also have set up your Upname and have opted to share your profile picture, Upname and the length of time you’ve been an Upsider.

    A once off bonus payment will be paid to you when the person you invite joins Up and becomes a customer from 12:00pm AEDT 3 April 2024. In your first year as an Upsider the standard value of this bonus payment is $10. After 1 year as an Upsider the value is $11, after 2 years it becomes $12, and so on each year with incremental increases of $1 up to a cap of $15. We’ll let you know when you hit these milestones in‑app.

  • A once off bonus payment will also be paid to invitees when they join Up and become a customer (by passing KYC) from 12:00pm AEDT 3 April 2024. In the inviter’s first year as an Upsider the standard value of this bonus payment for each invitee is $10. After 1 year as an Upsider that becomes $11 for the invitee, after 2 years it becomes $12, and so on each year that passes up to a maximum cap of $15. We’ll let you know when you hit these milestones in‑app.

  • If you have signed up using an invite code or sharing link (which may resolve to an invite code), you will be told what that code or link entitles you to before completion of sign up. Please note that due to caching on some social media sites, artwork shown may show a higher value than the amount eligible.

    Bonus payments associated with invite codes or links will only be paid on successful sign-up and creation of your new Up account and satisfaction of any qualifying criteria.

    Invite codes may be cancelled at any time after they are issued. This offer only applies to individuals opening a new Up Everyday Account.

More Questions?

  • When you unlock Hook Up a Mate you’re awarded a number of invites. To get more, you’ll need the people you invite to accept those invites. Invites do expire after a period of time though, but the best way to get more invites is to make sure you’ve explained why you love Up to your friends before you send invites to them.

  • You will receive a payment once your friend has fully completed their sign up.

  • Most of the time this means that you didn’t sign up using the phone number your friend invited. Unfortunately, we can only provide the bonus to customers who have been invited via this system, have signed up using the phone number invited. You will however, be able to send invites yourself once you qualify and you will be eligible for any bonuses linked to invites you send.

  • In the Hook Up a Mate screen you will see which mates have signed up. You will only be eligible for the bonus once your friends have fully completed their sign up. Your friends will need to ensure they are signing up with the same phone number that you referred. If they sign up with a different phone number, neither of you will be eligible for the bonus.

  • Your referral bonus amount is tied to your Upsider age (i.e. tenure as a customer). If you’ve been an Up customer for less than 1 year it’ll be at the base value of $10. After that, it increases each year in value (for both the inviter and invitee) by an additional $1 up to a maximum cap of $15.

Last updated 3 April 2024