Hook up a mate | Up - Super Powered Banking

We have been amazed to see how many of you have been spreading the good word about Up and are pleased to now be able to offer you something special.

You will now receive an instant cash bonus in your Up account of $10 each time a mate you invite successfully signs up using the mobile number you invited. Better still we’ll give them $10 in their Up account too.

You can find "Hook Up a Mate" at the top of the Up screen (swipe right from your Activity).

Conditions of use

This offer is available from 9pm on 22-Feb-2019.

To enable the sending of invites you must be an active Up customer on and have made one or more purchases with Up. Access is typically enabled within 24 hours of this. You will receive a notification once you qualify.

Please note: To send money from Up to another bank, you must first fund your Up account by transfering money into it. Receiving a bonus payment is not considered funding.

To receive the sign-on bonus, the invite needs to be provided through the Up app and the invite text must explicitly state the bonus amount in Australian dollars. If your e-mail, SMS or other notification does not clearly state the bonus amount, you are not eligible for any bonus.

We may at our absolute discretion cancel a “Hook Up a Mate” payment without notice to you. Without limiting the circumstance in which we may do so, we may cancel this feature under the following circumstances:

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