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Instantly create Savers to help you get ahead of your goals, commitments, bills, a home ...whatever! Whether you're saving solo or with a second player, get there faster using Round Ups, Savings Boosts, Auto Transfers and Pay Splitting.

Get ahead on your savings with Save Up 1000 and, once activated by making 5 purchases each month, you’ll earn up to % p.a.* across your Savers up to a combined balance of $1M.

*Conditions apply

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Save your first $1000

Now is your time to shine. Saving $1,000 in a year is your challenge and Up is on your team.

Lock away a little each week. In a year you'll save a lot.

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Remove the weight of self‑control

Use Locked and Hidden Savers to ensure your money stays safe or hidden away till you hit your ultimate goal. Think you need that money now? Locked Savers give you a three hour delay to give you time to reconsider, or your 'accountability buddy' can unlock it earlier for you.

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Locked Savers

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

No matter what your savings goals are you can automate them with Split Payments. Simply turn it on and adjust the percentage of your pay you want to send into each of your Savers on pay day. It’s as easy as that!

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Join forces with your second player

Whether you're saving for a holiday or a castle, 2Up lets you create shared Savers you and your second player can both contribute to. It's time to power up!

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Save for a home deposit with Up

Want your own place someday? Home Deposit Savers show you where you’re at, how much you need, and how long it will take to save.

Learn about Home Deposit Savers

Kicking savings goals: The Up Banking App makes it very easy for me to set saving goals, implement ways to achieve them.

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