Cruise Into Controlling
Your Spending

Set an Up Tracker on any spending category to keep your spending steady.

Maybe you want to get financially fit by toning down the Takeaway, or train yourself to stick to a monthly Clothing limit. Trackers are a quick and easy way to set a spending limit, keep on top of it and know how long you've got to go.

Set multiple Trackers to spend less time busting the budget and more time living the dream.

Get your Spending in Shape with Trackers

Did you know your spending on Up gets automatically categorised into one of 40 categories? Pick one you want to keep an eye on, chuck on a Tracker to set yourself an upper spend limit and check your progress through the month..

One budget, one place. Be proactive and check all your Trackers in Monthly Insights or with a Tracker widget. Alternatively... try a laid back approach 😎 We'll take the wheel and flick you your new Tracker news with notifications throughout the month.

Up tracker jogging

Get Cracking,
Start Tracking

Your Personalised Financial Coach

We're cheering you on from the sidelines. Get notifications throughout the month with personalised updates on how your Trackers are…tracking.

Know when you've started strong, if you need to pace yourself a bit, or if we need to do one last squeeze to make it through the month. We'll ping you with how many days and dollars you have left to go!

Stress less, take baby steps. We won't put you on blast for a budget blow out.

Up budget trackers notifications on a phone

Let Zap Take the Heat

Track your spending without opening the app. Add a Tracker Widget to your phone's home screen to see your spending through the eyes of your best triangular tracking pal.

Based on where you're at in the month, Zap will give you a visual update on how you’re Tracking. The 5 stages of spending start at "Cosmic Chill" and range to "Budget Blowout". See how Zap's feeling and how much you've got left to spend for every Tracker.

Wear It On Your Sleeve

Face it, this is something you'll want to Watch.

For those times when you're too in the moment to even pick up a phone you can add any of your Trackers as a complication to your Apple Watch faces on WatchOS.

Keeping your favourite Trackers glanceable means your budget will never miss a beat.

Up budget trackers feature on a watch

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