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with Pay Splitting

Pay Splitting lets you carve up your pay into a bunch of different Savers as soon as it hits your account, and before you get a chance to spend it. An easier way to stockpile for your lifestyle.

Whether you're paid the same amount each time or not, you can instantly carve up your payday cash and choose your own savings adventure.

Select Your Salary

When you're paid, head to the Payments tab and identify the transaction as your pay or salary. Once that's done, you'll be able to setup Split Payments. If you have more than one source of income, you’ll need to do this for each place you're paid from.

Pay notification

Set Up Your Splits

Choose an exact dollar amount or use the sliders to divvy up your incoming payments into your Savers, from as little to as much as you want. Ultimate control at your fingertips.

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Creating a Pay Split

Clarity On Your Payments

The next time you're paid, we'll take care of fixed amounts first, then divide the remainder using the percentages you've set. Your Activity feed will show you exactly what’s happened when your pay was deposited and it'll be automatically moved into your Savers at the percentages you chose.

Creating a Pay Split

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