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Up in a nutshell

The big questions.

  • What is Up?

    Up is an Australian mobile-only digital bank. Up is designed, developed and delivered through a collaboration between Ferocia (a software company) and Bendigo Bank. Up runs on your smartphone, and provides you with an app and a debit card linked to a real bank account. “Super-powered” banking refers to Up’s superior ease-of-use and awesome features including signing-up in as little as 3-minutes in-app, seamless merchant identification, instant in-app Apple Pay activation, real-time conversational payments, automated round-ups, spending insights, and more.

  • How safe is Up?

    All Up branded banking and financial products available in the Up apps are issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, the most trusted bank in Australia. Deposits provided through the Up apps are protected by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS), up to $250,000 per person (in aggregate across all deposit products held with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank). Up also uses the latest security technology, including smartphone biometrics and advanced cryptography, to protect your money.

  • Is my money used ethically?

    Deposits provided through the Up apps are held by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. You may not think it matters where your Up deposits are held, but it does:

  • Can I use my Up card overseas?

    Yes! The Up card makes a great travel companion, and is accepted at more than 47 million Mastercard acceptance locations worldwide. There are no fees on international purchases online or in person, and there’s no rebates or conditions to worry about. For overseas travellers, there’s a $5 fee when withdrawing from an international ATM, and $1.50 for a balance enquiry.

So how much does Up cost?

Precise pricing for your Up account.

  • Does Up have monthly account keeping fees?

    No. Up doesn’t charge monthly account keeping fees. In fact, Up is actually free for most standard use with practically no fees at all.

  • Does Up have any ATM fees?

    ATM access for Up customers is currently free at over 10,000 ATMs in Australia, including our partner Bendigo Bank and the 4 major banks — with no rebates or conditions to worry about. Although Up does not charge ATM fees, some smaller financial institutions or independent ATM operators may charge fees for using their ATMs. They must display the fee at the time of the transaction and allow you to accept or decline the fee as shown. For overseas travellers, there’s a $5 fee when withdrawing from an international ATM, and $1.50 for a balance enquiry.

Okay, how do I get started?

How to get Up and running.

  • How do I fund my Up account?

    Your Up spending account has a BSB and Account Number like any other bank account in Australia. You can also easily nominate your phone number or email address as a “PayID”. Up lets you use your BSB and Account Number, or your phone number or your email address to deposit money almost instantly using “Osko”. Osko provides near-instant payments 24/7 (including weekends) between participating financial institutions.

  • How do I open an Up account?

    To get an Up bank account on your mobile in under 3 minutes, simply download the Up app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android and follow the instructions. Opening a regulated bank account in Australia requires an Australian Driver's License, a Passport, or a Medicare card. After we successfully validate your ID, you can start banking with Up.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can pay someone using Up?

    Up currently has a $5,000 daily limit for outgoing payments.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw from an ATM using Up?

    Up currently has a combined $1,000 daily limit for ATM and EFTPOS withdrawals, unless you ask for the daily limit to be changed.

  • Do I earn interest on the money I have in Up?

    Up currently pays up to 2.75% per annum on multiple Savers, up to a combined balance of $50,000. Interest on Savers is calculated daily and paid monthly. Money held in your Up Spending account does not earn any interest. Bonus rate applies when 5 debit card purchases are successfully completed per month (including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets).

  • How do I send money into my Up account from overseas?

    To send money to Up from an overseas bank account, you'll need to transfer money using a SWIFT code. For Up, the details you'll need are:

    Swift code: BENDAU3B
    Bank Name: Up Money
    Address: Bendigo Centre, Bath Lane, Bendigo, VIC 3550

  • What should I use as the official name of this financial institution?

    Often when you are setting up a new direct debit arrangement, you'll be asked to provide some details. For Up, these are those details:

    Branch Name: Up Money / Bendigo and Adelaide bank
    Address: Bendigo Centre, Bath Lane, Bendigo, VIC 3550
    Account title: Your account title is your full name

What device features does Up support?

How Up works with your devices.

  • What smartphones does Up support?

    Up currently supports the following devices:

    • iOS 10 or later, on Apple devices.
    • Android 6.0 or later, on Android devices.
  • Does Up support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and other digital wallets?

    We certainly do! With Up, you can pay the way you want. You can add your Up card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

  • Does Up support Siri?

    Yep. You can use Siri to check your Up account balance, or transfer money into one of your Up Savers. Directly following sign-up, you’ll be prompted to enable Siri from within Up’s Activity screen.

  • Does Up support Touch ID and Face ID?

    Yep. Up supports both Touch ID and Face ID. You’ll be prompted to enable Touch ID or Face ID from within Up’s Activity screen, depending on the features your iPhone supports. You can still use a passcode if you prefer.

  • How do I add my Up card to Apple Pay?

    Up is currently the only bank in Australia to support instant in-app activation of Apple Pay. There’s no need to wait for your Up plastic card to arrive, Up will simply prompt you to add your card to Apple Pay as part of the sign-up process.

    If you choose not to set up Apple Pay during sign-up, you can still enable Apple Pay within the Card section of the Up menu. Simply tap “Add to Apple Pay”. These in-app set up methods for Apple Pay are automated and do not require you to scan your Up card, or enter your details manually.

    If you choose to set up Apple Pay via Apple Wallet (from outside of the Up app) you will be required to scan your Up card, or enter your details manually. Therefore the automated methods are recommended.

  • How do I add my Up card to Google Pay?

    Make sure you have some funds in your Up account, otherwise your Up card can not be added to Google Pay. Then simply open the Google Pay app and scan the back of your Up card. That’s it!

    Please note: Up does plan to support instant in-app activation of Google Pay so you won’t have to wait for your Up plastic card to arrive. Coming soon! Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement in early 2019.

  • Does Up support Apple Watch?

    We do indeed! If you have an Apple Watch, use the Watch app on your iPhone to install Up and we'll walk you through the setup process. Our watch app also works standalone over LTE (if you have your eSim enabled).

  • Does Up work well with VoiceOver and TalkBack?

    Yep. We aim to make all features easy to use with assistive technologies, Talk to Us if you have any issues with this.

But, do I still get an Up card?

The Up app and your debit card.

  • What type of card will I get with Up?

    Up comes with a beautiful Mastercard Debit card. Following sign-up, your Up card will be automatically issued. Up plastic cards can take up to 5-10 business days to arrive, depending on the postal service.

    Please note: If you’re using an iPhone, there’s no need to wait for your Up plastic card to arrive, Up will simply prompt you to activate Apple Pay as part of the sign-up process.

  • How do I activate my Up card?

    Activate your Up card simply by selecting the “Activate Card” prompt within the Activity screen. If the “Activate Card” option is not automatically displayed, you can also activate your Up card in the Card section of the Up menu. Simply tap “Activate Card”.

So what about different types of accounts?

The accounts Up has on offer.

  • What are Up Savers?

    You can create Savers in Up for each of your life goals by giving them a name and specifying the amount you would like to save. You can instantly create multiple Savers in seconds, by simply tapping the plus button and following the prompts. The main advantage of Up Savers is that they earn interest (currently up to 2.75% per annum on multiple Savers, up to a combined balance of $50,000). Your Up Spending account does not earn interest. You can also enable automatic roundups on one of your Savers. Use the edit function on each Saver to disable or activate roundups.

  • Does Up support joint accounts?

    No. Up does not currently support joint accounts.

So, how do I pay my mates?

Payment types and timeframes.

  • How long do payments take with Up?

    Up supports PayID and Osko for near-instant payments to and from your Up account. Payments should be processed almost instantly by Up, but processing times may vary depending on the first-time payment rules of the other financial institution and/or whether or not they support Osko. Using the standard “Pay Anyone” capability of traditional banks with BSB and Account Number can take up to 1-2 business days, depending on the other institutions’ processing times.

  • Can I use BPAY with Up?

    No. BPAY is not currently supported by Up. We are looking into options for BPAY, but for now we think Up makes paying your bills easier than BPAY. Simply use your Up debit card to pay for your bills, and the Upcoming screen will automatically keep you informed about upcoming charges, without you needing to manually enter payment details each month.

But what about...?

Rapid responses to the most common Up queries.

  • The Up app won’t accept my identification

    Send us an email at

  • I don’t have suitable ID

    You can’t join Up without valid Australian identification documents.

  • I’m not 18 years old

    That’s ok, but you’ll need to be at least 16 years old to get an Up account.

  • I have tax obligations in another country

    No problems. You’ll just need to be an Australian resident and provide your overseas tax information during sign up.

  • I’m not an Australian resident

    Up is only available to people living in Australia.

  • I forgot my Up passcode

    If you get your Up passcode wrong too many times, you can reset it within the Up app. Make sure you have your Up recovery code handy, it was emailed to you when you verified your email address after joining Up.

  • I lost my Up card

    Go to the Up menu and select Card. You can temporarily disable your Up card by toggling the switch. If you don’t find your Up card, let us know in ‘Talk to Us’ and we’ll send you a replacement Up card. If you cannot access your App please give us a call on 1300 002 258.

  • I suspect fraudulent activity on my Up account

    Call 1300 002 258. You can also temporarily disable your Up card. Simply go to the Up menu and select Card. Then toggle the card switch off.

  • I need to update my personal information

    Let us know in ‘Talk to Us’ in the Up app.

  • How can I tell you about my overseas travel plans?

    Let us know in ‘Talk to Us’ in the Up app.

  • I got a new phone

    Download the Up app, and follow the prompts to set up your new device.

  • I changed my mobile number

    Let us know in ‘Talk to Us’ in the Up app.

  • I lost my phone

    Provided you haven't shared your passcode, your funds are safe. Get a new phone, then download the Up app, and follow the prompts to set up your new device.

  • Anything else

    Send us an email at, or ask us in ‘Talk to Us’ in the Up app (if you’re already an Up customer).


Learn about connecting Up with Afterpay.

  • How do I connect to Afterpay?

    Find an Afterpay payment in your activity and tap the transaction. On the receipt page you'll have the option to connect to Afterpay. This will take you to the Afterpay website where you can login and give Up permission to access your Afterpay payment data.

  • What does connecting to Afterpay do?

    Once you've connected to Afterpay any Afterpay transactions in your activity feed will be updated to show the actual merchant you transacted with. Tapping on a transaction will show the amount and number of payments remaining and most often the items you purchased. In the Upcoming screen we'll show you all your future Afterpay payments and give you a reminder a couple of days out from each payment.

  • Why do some of my transactions still just show up as Afterpay only?

    If you have made all four Afterpay payments before you connect to Afterpay from Up we cannot currently show detailed information for those purchases. We're working to improve this in the future.

  • What about Afterpay purchases made with other cards?

    We only show Afterpay payments initiated with your Up card. If you add your Up card to purchases currently in progress we will show any new payments in Up, but are not able to show these in Upcoming. We're working to improve this in the future.

Complaints, Disputes & Hardship

What you can do if something's not going right

  • Have a complaint?

    While we hope you never get to this point, if you do have a complaint to make, we need to hear it. The best place to start is using "Talk to Us" in the Up app. You can also call us on 1300 002 258 or e-mail us at We will promptly investigate your complaint and notify you of the outcome. If your complaint has not been resolved, you can then escalate to our Customer Advocate (see section 21.2 of the Up Terms and Conditions) or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (see section 21.5 of the Up Terms and Conditions)

  • Need to dispute a transaction?

    If you'd like to dispute a transaction, please let us know the transaction details using "Talk to Us" in the Up app. We will work through our standard dispute process to try and recover your money. Please keep in mind when raising chargebacks we are governed by scheme rules which provide guidelines we must follow for these to be considered valid. In some circumstances, we may need to re-issue your card to prevent additional disputed transactions.

  • Experiencing financial hardship?

    Personal circumstances change all the time. This is part of life, even if it is not always easy. We’re here to help. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, there are a number of ways we may be able to assist you. Please get in touch with us using "Talk to Us" in the Up app.

Closing your account

How to close your account.

  • Want to close your account?

    To close your Up account, you'll need to first transfer any remaining balance to another financial institution, then using "Talk to Us" in the Up app please let us know you’d like to close your Up account. We'll need you to confirm your full name, date of birth and residential address when you chat with us, then we’ll be able to take care of it for you. Please note we will soon be releasing a self-service option so you can close your Up account yourself within the Up app.

Unable to use the Up app?

No problem. Please give us a call on 1300 002 258.

For deceased estate, power of attorney & guardianship questions, please give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Card lost or stolen?

For your protection please give us a call on 1300 002 258 as soon as possible to let us know your card has been lost or stolen or if you’re seeing unauthorised charges on your account.