Spend overseas without the extra fees

Pay No Fees On International Purchases

Sick of being nickel and dimed when you buy things online or overseas? A cheeky international transaction fee here, an interest rate mark-up there. Up doesn't charge extra fees when you buy things overseas in person or online so you always get a great rate.

No Added Conversion Or Mark‑up Fees

Up doesn't add any markup onto the Mastercard® exchange rate, so you get foreign currencies at the same low rate we do, making Up great for shopping online and travelling.

Protip: When using Up overseas, we recommend choosing to pay in the foreign currency as opposed to AUD when given the choice. This lets you take advantage of the great rate you get by being an Upsider, instead of the rate the merchant terminal chooses to give you.

Up Doesn't Charge ATM Fees Overseas

Sometimes when you're travelling you need cash. When you withdraw money from an ATM, Up doesn't charge you any additional fees for the privilege.

Note: ATM operators can also charge fees we can't foresee. In Australia and most other countries, operators must tell you if they're going to charge fees. However in some other parts of the world you won't always be notified of an operator fee. We suggest reading up on your travel destination before you travel.

Wise integrates with Up

Travel Safe With In‑App Card Controls

Use fine-grained card controls to lock down your card if it's lost or stolen with just a few taps.

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Know How Much You're Spending In AUD

Up displays purchases with Australian and foreign currency amounts together so you know what you paid*, no matter what currency you used. You'll also get instant purchase notifications in Australian dollars so you know a transaction was in the right ballpark.

Need To Send Money Overseas? We're On It.

Up is the first Australian bank to integrate with Wise to provide international money transfers. As an Upsider you'll pay no exchange rate markups, know upfront exactly how much you'll pay in fees and know how much your mates overseas will receive in their foreign currency.

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Wise integrates with Up

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