Up Time

Our system availability

Up Time

Reliable access to your bank and your money is a critical part of being an Upsider.

We are required by the RBA to disclose reliability information.

These requirements don’t include planned outages or outages that are less than 30 minutes, but we believe it is important to share these outages, so they are included here.

Up Time – App Access

This includes being able to login to the Up app, access your balance, activities and transaction details.

January - March, 2022

Uptime: 99.99+%

February 28th, 20221:44 pm1 minute, 3 seconds
March 31st, 202211:33 am4 minutes, 6 seconds

Up Time – Other Banking Services

The following services are included within Bendigo Bank’s reporting.

  • Make card payments (cardholders)
  • Make/receive account transfers - fast payments
  • Make/receive account transfers - next business day

January - March, 2022


February 28th, 2022Fast payments1:10pm1 hour, 52 minutes

Scheduled Outages

While we aren’t required to report on scheduled outages, we still think it’s important to also share them with you.

February 13th, 2022
  • Balance updates and transactions being displayed in app delayed
  • Payments in app unavailable
  • Transfers between accounts unavailable
12:00am2 hours, 30 minutes
February 18th, 2022Balance updates and transactions being displayed in app delayed12:00am6 hours