About | Up - Super Powered Banking

Up headquarters is the Citadel, a heritage listed building in South Melbourne circa 1911. It's where you'll find us most days creating, thinking, designing, and building.

We spend a lot of our waking hours online with our heads in the cloud or a pair of headphones, but we also share meals together, work out together, ride bikes together, and play competitive Mario Kart. Well some of us do anyway.

Everything with a superpower has an origin story, this is ours:

Dom and Thomo, strategic brain and tech brawn behind Up met in 2007.

An "aha moment" was their shared dream to use tech to help people.

They reimagine banking for Bendigo Bank (delivering an award-winning mobile-first platform).

By 2016, the banking regulations look to change. Up moves fast, to build tech-led banking, not bank-led tech. The final hurdle is getting a banking licence. They ask their mates Bendigo to be Up's first partner.

In 2018 the Up team introduce their digital creation: A world-class super powered banking platform.

Photos of Upsiders