About | Up - Super Powered Banking

Up headquarters is the Citadel, a heritage listed building in South Melbourne circa 1911. It's where you'll find us most days creating, thinking, designing, and building.

We spend a lot of our waking hours online with our heads in the cloud or a pair of headphones, but we also share meals together, work out together, ride bikes together, and play competitive Mario Kart. Well some of us do anyway.

Up is for everyone. We want our app to work well for you regardless of age, background, education, race, gender, or abilities. Listening and responding to your feedback is baked into our process. You help make Up Up. Talk to Us in the app!

We’re proud to buddy up with Bendigo Bank, who support long-term strategies to reduce their environmental impact, help customers reduce their impact, and have reinvested more than $205M of profits into Australian communities. We can get on board with that. Our cloud compute partner, Google, is 100% carbon neutral.

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