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Up Year 2021

> Your 2021 Calculations are Complete

The end of the never ending year is here.

2021 felt a bit like we all just managed to keep our motherboards running at optimal temperature without crashing. Now the finish line is in sight. We're decompressing, defragging our minds and wrapping up your money movements for this year.

UpYear is your very own personalised annual report — the easiest way to take a look back at how you spent and saved for this year. Use it to get a better understanding of your money, and put yourself in a good position to upgrade your financial health in 2022.

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> Getting Your 2021 UpYear in Review

Running your 2021 UpYear in review is easy. Start by booting your app as normal. We've pre-installed your UpYear review to reveal itself as an item in your activity feed.

Starting today, we’re sending out a special notification direct to your device letting you know your personalised UpYear calculations are complete and ready to view. Tap the 2021 UpYear activity item at any time to relive the magic of your annual report over and over.

Make sure you’re running the latest version of the Up app (2.2.5) and have made at least 1 successful purchase with your Up account in 2021 to score a report.

If you’re an Upsider, your UpYear will arrive at some point from today. Keep an eye on your activity feed to find it.

No two UpYears are the same. This is a special report for your eyes only! We’ve purposely kept your financial bits private and only you can access your review.

Your review will hang around in your browser for a bit before you’ll need to head back into your app to authenticate and relive your 2021 UpYear once more.

"Up Year Clouds"

What's in the 2021 file?

This year we’re bringing back the favourites you know and a few you don’t.

"Up Year insights screens"

Take a dive into the depths of your Spending and Savings stats from 2021. Using the absolute latest in graph generating technology we’re loading up an easy way to see the top places you shopped, total money in/out, your yearly spending insights and much more.

"Top merchants in Up Year"

Press for Player 2

This year our disks have been filled with more data than ever before.

If this year you made a special kind of financial connection you’ll find a new space in your UpYear just for you and your Player 2. We’ve added an additional layer to your UpYear to show your 2Up totals. When browsing any sections of your report, toggle the button at the top of your screen to change from single to double vision!

If your figures are yellow, you’re viewing data from your 2Up spending and savings accounts.

"2Up Merchants"

The Round Ups from tomorrow, today.

Making a second run at UpYear glory, your Round Ups ‘round up’ makes a triumphant return to the data dashboard. See exactly how many dollars and cents you saved just by having Round Ups or Boosted Round Ups enabled this year.


As a part of the 2021 UpYear_Future_Vision v2.0 upgrade we’ll now show you how much you COULD have saved if you enabled a boost, or increased your current boost amount by just $1.

A look into a future you can create for yourself starting in 2022.

New Hardware You Can Count On.

Your 2021 UpYear in review has a plus side. We’ve installed not one but two new calculators to deliver you more annual data. It all adds up.

"Perk Up mug"


The Perk-Culator estimates the number of singular coffees you may have purchased over the whole year. Using the criteria of Perk Up, we’ve run the numbers for the number of purchases $6 and under made at shops in the ‘Restaurants & Cafe’ spending category.

Whilst all estimated beverages may not be caffeinated, the numbers they generated are guaranteed to be interesting.



Your 2021 UpYear comes complete with our very first Carbon Emissions calculator. Running as just a rough approximation, the Carb-Calculator analyses your spending categories,amount of card purchases and charges over the year and estimates the total tonnes of C02 emissions generated from your spending.

Please note this number should be viewed as indicative only. It does not reflect specific businesses or choices you may have made to reduce your footprint (e.g. buying green power, or spending with carbon neutral/negative businesses).

Thanks to every Upsider who came along with us for the ride this year. We hope your 2021 UpYear in Review is everything you thought it would be, and if it’s not that’s totally okay! 2022 is already shaping up to be everything you dreamed.

If UpYear made you think you’d like to do things a bit differently in 2022 have a read of some stories from other Upsiders using Up to get on the path to feeling good about money.

"Hope your 2021 was out of this world"

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