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Map Out Your Money Goals With Savers

Create Savers for all your money goals, commitments, bills, birthdays...whatever! Every saver can have its own name, emoji and target amount so you always know where you stand.

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Turn Your Cents Into Centuries With Round Ups

Get into a good savings habit without even breaking a sweat. Round Up takes your purchases and kicks them up to a nearby amount of your choosing, putting those extra cents into the Saver of your choice. It's amazing how quickly that spare change can add up.

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Time To Split

Never forget to put aside for bills or rent again using Pay Splitting. Set fixed amounts or percentages of your pay to send to the Savers of your choosing and it'll be transferred as soon as it hits your account, keeping it out of sight, out of mind.

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Covers & Forwards Make Budgeting A Breeze

You can forward an email...you should be able to forward cash the same way! No dramas. Say your mate pays you back, Forwarding lets you send that cash straight to the Saver it belongs, rather than accidentally spending it.

Covering allows you to use money in a Saver to cover the cost of a purchase. Say you've put aside cash for groceries. Cover purchases from the Saver that makes sense and keep control of your spending.

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Pull To Save

Sometimes it's the little things that spark the most joy. We call this one Pull to Save. Pull down and we'll shoot your spare change to your Round Up Saver. Who says money can't be fun?

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