Easy Budgeting

Easy Budgeting

Get on top of your spending

Breeze Between Pay Days

Use your Up account to receive your salary and pay your bills. Pay Day will give you a "spendable balance" so you better know what you can safely spend before you get paid next. Let us do the math.

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Automatic Spending Categorisation

Understand your spending habits with auto-spend categorisation, weekly reports and insights into how much you spend at different brands and shops.

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Easy Spend Tracking

Keep financially fit by setting multiple Trackers on specific spend categories. We'll take the wheel and flick you updates through Tracker notifications and our Zap homescreen widget, meaning you can stress less and avoid any monthly budget blowouts.

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Budget trackers on the Up app

Upcoming Bill Prediction

Ever been caught off guard by a subscription you'd forgotten about? Just by using Up to pay for things like Spotify or Netflix you'll see recurring payments in Upcoming and get reminders when they're due next. Dodge those annoying late fees.

Understand Your Upcoming Bills
Upcoming bills screen on the Up app

Demystified Transactions

Never wonder when, where or what that transaction was again. Up eliminates ALL CAPS BANKING and gives you a transaction feed you can understand.

Transaction Balance Notifications

Every time you buy something using Up - IRL or online - you'll get a push letting you know how much you were charged and how much you've got left in your account. Great for seeing if you've been overcharged and understanding how much you've got left to last you till pay day.

Balance notifications on the Up app

Save now, Maybuy later

Fresh new PJs and PS5s. New releases and once-in-a-lifetime gigs. The world is full of amazing stuff! But it’s no fun to look back with regret on the less great stuff we bought in the rush of a sale or a late night scroll.

Welcome to Maybuy. A new place to save the things you crave and save up for them too.

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Save now, buy later.

UpYear Review

UpYear is your very own personalised annual report. It’s the easiest and most un-banking way to take a look back at your spending and saving data for the year that was.

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Balance notifications on the Up app

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