2Up: Up reimagines joint accounts

May 18, 2021

Right now in Australia, thousands of couples need to split rent and bills, shop for essentials, and pay for shared Uber Eats orders.

Some manage with a list on the fridge, or work out joint expenses some other way. "They pay the rent, and I sort out the bills and shopping," or, "We split the rent and then I take care of groceries, while they sort the bills”. Creating a joint account to solve this can seem like way too much ‘life admin’ - and too heavy a commitment.

But there’s no good reason a shared account can’t be quick and easy to both set up and shut down. No reason for either partner to be unclear about who spent what, where, and when. And definitely no reason why you should give up financial autonomy, to gain all the benefits of sharing a bank account with the Player 2 in your financial life.

From the morning of Monday 17 May, Up’s customers were able to sign up for early access to digital banking’s most anticipated release - shared accounts with Up. We’re calling these new accounts 2Up, and they’re completely redesigned to better suit modern relationships.

It takes just a few taps to invite your Player 2 to join you in a 2Up account. You each keep your own account, and maintain total control over it. But you also master new connected abilities. Start small with a few shared bills, or go all in and build your financial empire together. If you need help, it’s simple to fire up a shared chat thread with the folks in our support team.

And if it’s splitsville for you two? No problem. Easily shut down your 2Up and you two are back on your own financial paths.

In just 24 hours since the 2Up waitlist opened, more than 2,000 Upsiders have accepted an invitation from their partner-in-finance to join it. Up is already onboarding 50% more new customers in a day than average as people anticipate access - no mean feat, even for Australia’s fastest growing digital bank.

Hundreds of Upsiders have already gained access to 2Up, with many more being brought on each day. The demand has been huge, but we’re controlling numbers right now to make sure our systems and processes are working well. Full launch is expected in the next couple of weeks.

Read more and get started at https://up.com.au/2up/