Recover Your Account With Manual Verification

Recover your account by submitting your ID for our Recovery Experts to review.

Other Ways To Recover

We'll need to confirm your identity using your Driver Licence, Photo ID or Passport. You'll need to take photos with physical copies of your ID.

If you don't have a valid form of ID, please email us at

Step 1.

  • If you've arrived here from trying to recover your account in some other way, proceed onto the next step.
  • Otherwise, see other ways to recover - you may not need a manual verification
Up App screen with "I've been here before" button

Step 2.

  • Select the form of ID you'd like to recover with
  • Follow the prompts in-app to take the necessary photographs with your ID
  • Make sure all your details are clearly visible, not blurry and not obstructed. If you're having trouble taking the photo clearly, ask a mate for help.
Up App screen to choose ID document to complete recovery with

Step 3.

  • Select a new passcode and confirm it. This passcode will become active once your manual recovery has been approved.
Up App screen to enter new passcode
Up App screen to confirm new passcode

Step 4.

  • Your submission will be reviewed by our support team and you'll be notified of the outcome
Up App screen indicating recovery is pending

Not What You’re Looking For?

Other Ways To Recover

If you need a different kind of help, we’re here 👋
Send us a message via ‘Talk to Us’ in your Up app, or email if you don’t have access.