Up 1.6.1 Release Notes


Release 1.6.1 Boosted Round Ups, Release 1.6.1 Even Dollar Round Ups

It’s time to get lifted! We’ve jacked up the volume and Round Ups will now go to $11.. or $12.. or $16… The power lies within you. Embrace it.

Rounding Up purchases to the nearest dollar has already helped a bunch of you save some cash that you wouldn’t usually save. We are super excited to take this to the next level.

Boosted Round Ups

Boosted Round Ups - Release 1.6.1

Supercharge your savings with Boosted Round Ups. In addition to your regular round up you can choose to dial it up a notch and add a little extra to your purchase. From your saver tap Round Ups and just slide that slider for an extra $1 - $10 to be slammed into a saver whenever you use your card. Let the good times roll.

Even Dollar Purchases

Even Dollar Round Ups - Release 1.6.1

Previously even dollar purchases wouldn’t get a round up. No more! You can now toggle your even dollar purchases to round up a whole $1. You’re the real winner here - you just saved $1 😎 Save a dollar here, save a dollar there. You’ll end up with a couple of dollars. Doesn’t get much better than that.

To see the breakdown of your round ups for a purchase just go ahead and tap on the transaction from your Activity feed.

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