Turn Your Cents
Into Centuries

Get into a good savings habit without even trying. Round Ups take your purchases and kicks them up to the nearest dollar, putting those extra cents into the Saver of your choice.

Round Ups In Action

Say you buy something worth $4.50. There’s a perfectly good 50 cents left in that last dollar. When you’ve got Round Ups turned on, we’ll send that 50 cents over to the Saver of your choice and make the total charge an even $5.00. Before you know it, you’ll have set aside some serious coin.

If you’re not content just to round up to the nearest buck like a mere mortal, you can go further and increase the amount. A seriously effortless way to save.

Rounded Up
And Counting.

Here’s what Upsiders have saved using Round Ups so far! Epic.


How Up Helps You
Round Up

Keep track of your Round Ups on your receipts

To make it crystal clear where you've sent your money, every rounded up purchase you make has a convenient summary showing your Round Up, your boosted amount and the total amount saved. Too easy.

Pull to save ‑ Real fun and real savings

As well as rounding up when you buy something, give your activity screen a mighty downwards pull to send your excess cents flying sky high and straight into your Round Up Saver. Your available balance is now a satisfyingly round number AND you saved some money. Win win.

Rounding up dollars and splitting paychecks into spending/saving accounts are genius. Up is genuinely everything you needed in a banking app, and makes saving fun.

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