Your Spending.

One of the hardest things about money is knowing where you spent it. Up makes it easy to understand your spending habits by automatically categorising your purchases so you’re always across where you’re spending your cash.

A Birds Eye View Of
Your Spending

The built‑in insights are better than any 3rd party app I’ve used. The round-ups and automatic savings transfers are making me save money without even realising it.

Google Play review by Eden W

You Spend, Up Sorts.

Up comes ready with a deep and intuitive set of spending categories so you spend less time sorting transactions and more time using insights to nail your money goals.

  • Restaurants & Cafes

    Holidays & Travel

    TV, Music & Streaming

    Events & Gigs

  • Clothing & Accessories

    Health & Medical

    Education & Student Loans

    Mobile Phone

  • Groceries

    Rates & Insurance


    Homewares & Appliances

  • Cycling


    Public Transport

    Taxis & Share Cars

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