Up 1.13.6 Release Notes


Up Release Notes 1.13.6

Undo Transfers

Become the revert expert. Introducing our first ever feature with Ctrl+Z.

You can now undo a transfer to or from your Saver with a quick tap. There are no mistakes here, just happy little accidents.

Now when you make a transfer to or from a Saver you’ll notice a new undo pop up. If you didn’t nail it the first time you’ll have a few seconds to instantly reverse what you’ve done and have another crack, second time’s the charm.

Attempted Charges

We'll no longer exempt the attempt. Here’s a fresh injection of new activity into your feed.

You'll now receive a notification & an activity item for Attempted charges. If a merchant has attempted to charge your card and was not successful, you'll be the first to know. Rejoice, you have remained in the loop.

Attempted charges are not here for a long time, just here for a good time. These activity items will drop off your activity feed after a couple of days. This is the first of a couple of new activity items you can expect to see over the next few months.

Android Boot Time Improvements

An engine overhaul has given boot times a boost for our Android pals. Speed improvements for the modern age, welcome to the fast lane

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