Up High Early Access Terms

Up High is our subscription offering slated to launch later in 2024. Subscribers will have access to a number of features and benefits for a monthly fee.

As we build out our subscription offering, we’re offering customers the opportunity to join an Early Access program, which will start with a limited selection of features and benefits that we intend to add to over time. Access to the program will give participants the ability to be among the first to try out the proposed subscription features as well as the opportunity to provide important feedback and help shape what Up High becomes.

Entry into this program is gained through the payment a one-off charge, with two options on offer:

1. Early Access (digital only) — $25

Entry to the Up High Early Access program as well as 3 months of Up High once we move to subscription pricing.

2. Early Access plus merch — $50

The benefits above plus an Up High merch pack, detailed in-app.

When Early Access Ends

In the future, once we’ve built out the Up High offering, we’ll announce an end the Early Access program and will move to a subscription pricing model. At that point, Early Access participants will be given the option to continue on as a subscriber, with the first 3 months included free, or can leave the program if they do not wish to subscribe.

Refund & Returns Policy

Change of Mind

The Up High Early Access program does not offer change of mind refunds. Participants no longer wishing to participate in Up High Early Access may leave the program by following the prompts in-app.

Damaged or Faulty Merchandise

Any Up High merchandise that arrives damaged or faulty will be replaced at no cost to participants. Any issues should be reported to us via Talk to Us in the Up app.

Last updated 31 January 2024