Up makes money easy on TikTok with Australia first Gamified Effect

Mar 19, 2021

TikTok creators are today playing the first ever Australian branded Gamified Effect thanks to a partnership between Up and TikTok. The new effect gives anyone on the TikTok platform the chance to play a 30 second game, munching as many coins as they can to show them who’s boss and potentially win a very real $1000.

Up’s Head of Product, Anson Parker said “It makes sense for Up to launch Australia’s first branded TikTok Gamified Effect. At the heart of Up is our goal to change the whole experience of saving and spending - because the more engaged and connected you are to your money, the easier it is to take control and build the life you want.

“Over the past 12 months we’ve been using TikTok as a way to connect with existing customers and meet new ones. We've found TikTok to be an effective and engaging way to do that, and by leading Australia with new ways to use the platform we’ve been able to show our customers that having a sense of humour and being good with money aren't mutually exclusive.” Anson said.

Brett Armstrong, TikTok’s General Manager of Global Business Solutions ANZ said “Up was one of the first brands we worked with when we launched our commercial business in Australia and they have always been open to trying new things and reimagining what’s possible for engaging with customers using TikTok. The ‘For You’ page on our platform gives the opportunity for any creator to go viral, and for branded creative effects like the one Up has launched with us today to be seen and used by our TikTok community all over the world. To see Up jumping at the chance to have a bit of fun with their customers is really surprising and unique for this category.”

The game will be live on TikTok from midnight, 20th March and anyone can play and take a shot at the prize up until 31st March. The TikTok Gamified Branded Effect campaign is part of Up’s new brand platform, Easy Money. To launch the campaign Up has partnered with some of Australia’s biggest TikTok creators including Georgie and Zac, Emily Johnson and Chantel Mila.