Up Home: Everything you love about Up, in a home loan

Jul 20, 2022

Up is excited to announce that early access is now open for its first home loan product, Up Home.

Early access is by expression of interest, and for refinance purposes only – but wider access is on the horizon. More information is available here - https://up.com.au/home-loans/

About Up Home:

Up Home is a simple loan, either fixed or variable, for owner-occupiers. But what sets Up Home apart?

  • More free offsets, in a fully integrated loan: your existing spending account and up to 50 Saver accounts become offsets
  • No application, monthly, annual or redraw fees
  • You can shorten the life of your loan with Round Ups, Boosted Round Ups, Pay Splitting, and all the Up features you love
  • Start with as little as a 10% deposit.

“Up Home is just different,” said Up CEO Xavier Shay.

“It’s less like the traditional bank loan experience and more like the Up you know and love. Your finances can feel easy again, and you can use all the Up features that already help you save and make money feel simpler.”

Up has grown fast and in only four years of operation, it’s gone from zero to half a million passionate customers. The key to Up’s success is the immense (and un-bank-like) love that “Upsiders” have for Up.

“We don’t feel like a bank because we’re not like the banks people know. We like to engage with people, make them feel great and make life easy. We’re finding that resonates and even changes people’s lives — I’ve lost count of how many Upsiders have told us that Up has helped them save for the first time.”

“With Up Home, Upsiders can go from saving their first $5 to buying a home, all within Up,” Shay continued.

Thousands of Upsiders have already started using Up’s free Home Saver product, taking the first steps towards home saving and learning about how to buy. Given its largely younger customer base, Up plans to be with its customers from start to finish.

“Most of our customers are between 16 and 25 and while actually hitting go on a home loan could be a while off, there’s a lot they can do to save and learn now.

“We’ve created a saver product which will help them save and teach them about the home loan journey, so they can successfully navigate what is likely to be the biggest financial decision they’ll ever make.” he said.

And while buying a home can be daunting, Shay said Up Home won’t be. “It feels like the Up you know and love. That’s what will set Up Home apart.”

About Up

Up exists to make money easy for a new generation of Australians, who need new and better financial tools. We're confident we’ll be banking the next generation of Australians and giving them the better financial options, they deserve.

Highest rated banking app in Australia: 4.9 App Store, 4.6 Google Play (June 2022) 60%+ growth from referrals. Up is better with mates and built to share In just four years, Up’s grown to over half a million customers – most of whom are under 25. Internationally, Up’s early growth was faster than Monzo, Revolut, and Starling, all darlings of the UK neobank sector – Up grew to 100k customers quicker than those international neobanks (~8 months) and Australia has less than half the UK population (25m vs 65m).

What Upsiders say:

  • “I really love how you guys have changed money for lots of people and I want my home loans to be all in house”
  • “Refinancing my home loan with Up would be the dream!! Had to move to a different bank because of my current home loan”
  • “My home loan is expiring and Up is an attractive option given my great experience with them. It's sucked taking my business to another bank this past year and I'd like to come back.”
  • “Brilliant, my budgeting and spending habits have improved so much that it feels like I got a pay rise.”
  • “I am absolutely in love with this.”
  • “It is now possible to love your bank. So many cool features.”
  • “Love this app! Has made saving SOOOOO easy! Honestly you have nothing to lose, it’s free and so easy to use. I regret nothing and I’ve suggested this bank to everyone I know and heaps of my friends and family are with UP now 😍”