Love At First Sight Does Exist, As MAFS' Ella May Ding Pops The Question

Oct 23, 2023

Ella May Ding and her new partner, Guy Palermo, have said 'I do' to take their relationship to the next level by agreeing to 'Commit. A Bit' with a new 2Up account.

Up, Australia’s highest rated banking app*, is turning up the volume with their national 'Commit. A Bit' campaign. Tailored for all those modern love birds still in the 'should we open a joint bank account?' guessing game. With 2Up, they're asking, 'Why the fuss? Just commit a bit!

"Together, Guy and I can take on the world with 2Up. Like any couple getting serious, we want to start planning a future together and the Up app makes that easy. We get to keep our individual accounts separate but work together on shared expenses and savings,” said Ella May Ding.

2Up has reimagined couples banking for a generation — you don’t have to go through all the rigmarole of going into a bank anymore. Now, you can get down on one knee, get out your phone, open your heart, and open a 2Up account at the push of a button. Fancy tag teaming that takeaway food or splitting a Netflix account? Just 'commit a bit' with your partner. And even better, when things aren't too serious, your individual spending stays yours, as do your privacy controls.

2Up provides next-level functionality, including digital cards, ensuring you and your better half can use it as one. Simply add your 2Up card to Apple, Google, or other supported digital wallets and start spending together. Each of you is your own card master, with unique card numbers ready in-app for speedy online spending.

Anson Parker, Up Banking's Chief Product Officer said, "There are countless young couples sharing expenses. Whether they're splitting Uber Eats or going 50/50 on rent and groceries, very few of them set up a joint account to do so. We've worked hard to understand why and develop something better suited to modern relationships — 2Up is easy to set up and shut down and is designed to work alongside your personal finances, not replace them."

2Up provides a shared transaction account, personal debit cards that track spending, and multiple shared savers. Getting down on one knee, pulling out your phone and opening a shared account is easy with 2Up—couples banking with no strings attached… and no monthly fees.”

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*highest rated banking app as of 30 Sep 2023

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Additional Notes To The Editor:

YouGov survey of 1,000+ Gen Z & Millennials who are in a relationship across Australia on how they manage money together

Up commissioned YouGov to survey 1,000 Gen Z and Millennial who are in a relationship across Australia from 9-16 October 2023. Survey data showed that 41% of Gen Z and Millennial couples were ‘unbanked’ (share expenses but don’t have a joint account) and given existing solutions only 26% were very likely to consider a joint account despite 71% of Gen Z and Millennial couples thinking more about sharing money with their partner over the last 12 months.

Key data points:

  • Unbanked couples: 93% of Gen Z and Millennials who are in a relationship share expenses with their partner but 47% of them don't use a joint bank account.
  • Out of touch joint banking solutions: Only 26% of couples are very likely to get a joint bank account highlighting current joint banking solutions are not suited for modern relationships.
  • Couples want independence: 32% of those unlikely to get a joint bank account cite loss of freedom as a reason for not getting a joint bank account. 2Up enables couples to maintain their personal finances.
  • Cost of living: 71% of Gen Z and Millennial couples have thought more about sharing money as a couple over the last 12 months

YouGov survey of 1,000+ Gen Z and Millennials who are in a relationship from 9-16 October 2023.