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Apr 21, 2021

Up - a Best Place To Work

Ferocia is a close-knit team distilling complex problems into simple, elegant solutions that customers love. Together with Bendigo Bank we build Up, Australia’s leading digital bank as well as the Bendigo Bank internet banking platform (the fifth largest banking retail banking platform in Australia). Ferocia is proud to announce that we have been named on the 2021 AFR BOSS Best Places to Work List.

Up is a digital bank designed to help you organise your money and simplify your life - and we’re fast becoming the bank of choice for under 35’s (and for anyone else who values our innovative, fun approach to spending, saving and budgeting).

Ferocia ranked 8th on the list, from nearly 700 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The assessment included a comprehensive staff survey where Ferocians were asked to freely rate the policies, practices and programs that Ferocia offers to support our team.

The methodology can be viewed here.

Ferocia was thrilled to be recognised for our achievements and practices. It’s been important to us from the start to offer all staff a genuinely flexible, supportive and challenging workplace, and to truly live our values of putting our lives and families first - both when that’s easy, and when it is not.

QUOTE from Dom Pym, co-founder of Ferocia and Up:

“The best part of being ranked as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work is knowing that Ferocians themselves nominated the company, and voluntarily went through a deep survey process. They wanted to learn where we can improve as a team, and show future Ferocians the heart of who we are.

“We want to support and trust every Ferocian to work at the very highest levels, prioritise their family, and if they need time off - take it.

“Being part of this deep and rigorous awards process gives us a moment to really celebrate how we’ve grown, and pause to decide how we will continue to grow together. That is the magic of Ferocia, and of Up.”

Additional quotes from the Ferocia team:

“I like that Ferocia is a totally open workplace, where learning is more important than being right. I can always talk to people about anything that’s on my mind. If I need help, there’s always someone willing - whether it’s work related or not - and it’s totally OK not to have all the answers.”

María Acuna

“Yeah, we have a pinball machine, and a gym, and a meeting room dedicated to our Nintendo Switch, but that’s not what makes Ferocia great. When COVID took all of these things away, it was the trust that the humans had for each other that held it all together while our way of working was completely upended. That trust is no accident, and it is not cheap. It is the result of the company consistently investing in building human relationships and ensuring that people taking care of themselves, their families, and each other is always the top priority.”

Chris Aitchison

“‘Ferocia is a marathon, not a sprint’ - this sounds like a meaningless corporate buzz phrase, but during the pandemic the company really did represent this value. There was no pressure to up the efficiency if we wanted to get through the other side. Instead the company focused on people's mental health and wellbeing - encouraging them to take breaks! Everyone was dealing with the end of the world in very different ways, and the supportive and flexible culture at Ferocia allowed people to do what they needed to look after themselves.”

Jon Meyers

“Ferocia has given me the space and support to expand professionally. I joined in one role and have had every opportunity from the company and team to grow and try new things. There’s no fear of failing or being ‘stuck’ if new roles aren’t for me. It’s the first time I’ve worked somewhere that really has that sense of trust and community.”

Samii Kilian

“I joined Ferocia as a support officer, juggling part-time work with my uni degree, and they were totally supportive of my need to prioritise study. I loved being part of a world class support team and now I’m taking that experience into one of Australia’s best Ops teams. I never imagined I could do that when I first walked through the doors, but the support from company and team to grow and excel in both roles has been incredible. It’s been an ideal place to develop as a woman in tech and as a new graduate - I’ve learned from legends in their fields and made incredible friends.”

Tenille Verrier

“For me Ferocia is a place where you have a voice. You have a stage to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns - even if they are really different to others. You are challenged: with these bunch of geniuses around you can’t be average. And you believe, because you can genuinely trust leadership. For those reasons it is the best environment where innovation flourishes.”

Bahriddin Abdiev

“As soon as you join the Ferocia team you’re quick to realise that the trips into work start to feel like you’re returning home and your colleagues and employees start to feel like family. That is the infectious feeling that bounces off the walls within Ferocia, and this continued to thrive throughout the pandemic, thanks to the overwhelming support of each and every Ferocian.”

Bailey Thomas


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