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Naked Truth

Complete clarity on when, where and how you spend your money.

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Know who you spent your money with

How often are you left scratching your head trying to understand where your money went? Many times, your spending history can be confusing and difficult to recognise. Up solves this problem by properly identifying many businesses out of the box, showing you their actual name, location and even logo. If the merchant isn’t auto-detected, you can help Up identify it for you and all other Up customers (and they'll do the same for you!).

Know exactly when you spent your money

In life, whenever you do something it happens at a specific time, not just on a specific date. Why should banking be any different? With Up, you know exactly when you bought something, transferred money to a friend, and when you got paid. You’ll wonder why banks don't normally do this. It’s unbelievable.

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Know precisely where you spent your money

Knowing the location of your purchases, even if you have location services turned off, can help you remember what you bought and why. Up combines the known merchant with point of sale data to pinpoint the location of your purchases. It’s like magic.

Illustration of various merchant locations

Deep dive into your spending

Your Spending. Categorised.

Categorising your transactions can be tedious, time consuming and quite frankly a bore. Up makes it a breeze with auto spend categorisation and real-time spend reports, including comparisons against your average spend. It’s like budgeting and reporting, but without the budgeting and reporting. Up yeah!

Learn about Spending Insights
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Know how your money is tracking, without effort

We're constantly working to find new ways to help you stay more connected to your spending. Our weekly notifications provide you a summary at the start of each week on what you spent the week before and how that compared to earlier spending.

A weekly spend notification

Always know your balance, no login required

Your current balance can optionally be included on every transaction notification meaning you'll always know where your money is at without needing to swipe, drag, tap or log in.

A balance notification

Auto track your spending with spend insights

Imagine being able to see how much you’ve spent nation-wide at every single store-front and online store. With Up, you automatically know exactly where you bought things and how much you’ve spent with each brand.

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