Many Happy Returns

T-shirt with Tom Hanks on it? Teapot? Tiny hands? We’ve all bought stuff we regret.

To celebrate the launch of Maybuy - a new way to buy things you love, with money you actually have - we're giving your bank account a second chance. Bring in something you regret buying and swap it for a spin on the magical* Anti‑Impulse Machine.

The machine will randomly calculate your prize and pay it into your Up account. Head back out into the world with anywhere between $10 and $500, or some of our finest Up merch.

*Not actually magical but very amazing. Terms and conditions apply.What is Maybuy?

The Essentials

The Anti-Impulse Machine is lighting up the Melbourne CBD between 11am and 4pm every day between Wednesday 3 and Sunday 7 August. Here’s how you can win:

  • Make sure you’re an Upsider. Joining Up only takes a few minutes on your phone, which is pretty good we think for free money. You’ll also need to be 16+ and have at least $1 in your Up account when you head in to play.
  • Choose something you regret. We want to see it; the crazier the better. Please pick something that someone else could love – we’ll be donating it to a charity partner later. Guidelines below.
  • Give us your item, tap your zap or Up card (2Up cards won't work) to take your turn on the Anti-Impulse Machine, and see what you win. Or pick out some Up merch, if orange print is your colour.
  • Head out into Chinatown to buy dumplings with your winnings. Or keep them saved in your Up account, for something else you really want.

Special Guests

Client Liaison walking down the street with bags of shopping

Client Liaison – musicians, artists and friends of finery – are adding the Maybuy Exchange to their tour list. They’ll make an appearance instore. Roll the dice, choose your moment to visit the Maybuy Exchange. You might snag a selfie…

Item guidelines


  • Clothes new or old in good condition
  • Shoes in good condition
  • Bags in good condition
  • Books in good condition
  • Records or CDs in good condition
  • Hats, sunnies in good condition
  • Unused beauty products
Zap hauling a bag of loot


  • Stained or damaged clothes
  • Anything that doesn’t smell right
  • Anything too cheap looking (like really cheap)
  • White-goods
  • Anything bulky that looks like it won’t fit on the machine — i.e. furniture
  • Anything that looks too heavy and might break the machine — i.e. weights
  • Used beauty products
  • Baby stuff
  • Harmful stuff - knives, lighters, asbestos, landmines
  • Kitchenware (unless it’s hilariously kooky)
  • Used undies or bathers
  • Anything you think is a ‘nah’. Use common sense.