CSV: Custom Savings Viewer

A commonly requested feature from Upsiders is getting their data out of Up, so that they can use it in budgeting software, or in Excel, or some other means to view their data on not-a-phone.

So, we’ve added the ability to export to a CSV, which you can then share from your phone to your computer (or, if you’re brave, work with it directly on your phone 😬).

CSV is short for ‘Comma-separated values’ (not Custom Savings Viewer - but that’s what you can build with it), and lets us output your data in a format that can be read by many other programs.

You can grab it by going to any monthly overview, hitting the three dots in the top right, and tapping ‘Download CSV’.

If you just want to jump in and see what you can do with this data, we’ve created a small Google Sheet which you can use as a starting point.

Hopefully these give you a bit of inspiration. From here, you can add whatever you like. If you make something cool, be sure to show us on Twitter (you’ll almost certainly get a retweet from Dom) or through Talk to Us.

If you want to try your hand at building your own integration, either in Excel or your favourite programming language, continue on below, where I’ve detailed each of the columns that you’ll find in the export.

Let’s go over what’s included:

If you feel like we’ve missed something that you really need, feel free to jump on ‘Talk to Us’ in-app and let us know 💡.

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