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Up Release notes Version 1.13.2

Up 1.13.2 Release Notes

Transfer between Savers & Upcoming Subscription prompts.

1 min read

Our new Welcome Pack and Card

Deliver bank card; melt faces

Cranking up the heat on our welcome pack

8 min read

Pete Johnson
Covers & Forwards

New release: Covers & Forwards

Today we're introducing two new verbs to banking: "Covering" and "Forwarding".

3 min read

Anson Parker
Up Release notes Version 1.12.0

Up 1.12.0 Release Notes

Upnames are here! Select your own unique handle that will be used to send and receive money within Up.

2 min read

Up's Pause Fest 2019 Activation

Designing Super Powered Events

Events provide a challenge for a team as they offer a rare chance to create a fully immersive customer experience. We take a behind the scenes look at what went into designing the first year of events at Up.

14 min read

Hannah Gibson
Luggage with Up sticker

Self-Review: Travelling with Up

Our Head of Product puts the Up card through its paces on his European honeymoon.

7 min read

Anson Parker
Up 1.11.0 Release Notes

Up 1.11.0 Release Notes

In App Card Details are here!

1 min read

Release Notes 1.9.3

Up 1.9.3 Release Notes

Auto Transfers & Instant Samsung Pay

1 min read

Up mascot wearing sunglasses busting through a spreadsheet

CSV: Custom Savings Viewer

CSV export is (finally) here - and we've got a starting point for you to play with.

4 min read

David Buchan-Swanson
Money getting split into savers

Pay Day

Introducing Salary Identification and Split Payments. Pay day just got a whole lot better with Up.

5 min read

Mark Brown