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Zap playing it safe with an emergency fund

Building Up an Emergency Fund

Let’s call it financial self-defence. Here’s how you can use Up to prep for that unexpected moment when life loads a bazooka with your name on it.

6 min read

The Up shipping raft release 1.18.1

Up 1.18.1 Release notes

iOS Monthly Insights widgets

1 min read

Stop the trolls

Stopping Payment Abuse: How Up is Designing for Safety

In July 2020, we got a message from a customer saying their ex-partner was sending abusive chat messages through Up. By August, we’d built new code to find payment abuse, and designed a new approach to stopping abuse on Up.

6 min read

Nektarea Cameron-Smith
Nom nom nom...

Request money and say goodbye to OMT

Don't let Owed Money Tension get you down. When the sacred bonds of mateship don’t get you your money back when you need it, you can now request money from your mates on Up.

1 min read

Upsides swapping brains

Level Up for 2021

A new year deserves a new challenge, so today we’re bringing you three levels of Up to tackle. From setting up your first shiny Saver, to building your very own custom tagging system.

3 min read

Upsides swapping brains

Upgrade your finances with the Upsider community

Put the kettle on. Because today our Upsider community is sharing their best advice for small-but-slick financial changes that’ll really pack a punch in 2021.

5 min read

Up Year 2020 Clouds

UpYear Is Here! Let's Wrap Up Your 2020

Finish the year strong. Starting today take a trip down memory lane and get your personalised spending and saving review of 2020.

2 min read

The Up shipping drag boat release 1.17.0

Up 1.17.0 Release notes

Faster payments experience with Contacts on Up.

1 min read

Up turns two

Up turns 2! But we're turning up for you.

Less stress. Good times. And more to come.

7 min read

The Up shipping drag boat release 1.16.0

Up 1.16.0 Release notes

Up Widgets, Eftpos for Apple Pay, Allow Contact Settings.

1 min read