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Up's Pause Fest 2019 Activation

Designing Super Powered Events

Events provide a challenge for a team as they offer a rare chance to create a fully immersive customer experience. We take a behind the scenes look at what went into designing the first year of events at Up.

14 min read

Hannah Gibson
Luggage with Up sticker

Self-Review: Travelling with Up

Our Head of Product puts the Up card through its paces on his European honeymoon.

7 min read

Anson Parker
Up 1.11.0 Release Notes

Up 1.11.0 Release Notes

In App Card Details are here!

1 min read

Release Notes 1.9.3

Up 1.9.3 Release Notes

Auto Transfers & Instant Samsung Pay

1 min read

Up mascot wearing sunglasses busting through a spreadsheet

CSV: Custom Savings Viewer

CSV export is (finally) here - and we've got a starting point for you to play with.

4 min read

David Buchan-Swanson
Money getting split into savers

Pay Day

Introducing Salary Identification and Split Payments. Pay day just got a whole lot better with Up.

5 min read

Mark Brown
Globe showing Up and Transferwise sending money around the globe

TransferWise integrates with Up

First of its kind collaboration in Asia-Pacific soon to offer Upsiders the best way to move money overseas.

3 min read

Release 1.8.0 Scheduled Payments, Release 1.8.0 Repeating Payments, Release 1.8.0 Salary ID, Release 1.8.0 New Category Icons

Up 1.8.0 Release Notes

Scheduled & Repeating Payments, Salary Identification & New Category Icons

1 min read

Release 1.6.5 BPAY, Release 1.6.5 Upsider Payments

Up 1.6.5 Release Notes

Pay your bills with BPAY & Upsider Payments.

1 min read

Release 1.6.1 Boosted Round Ups, Release 1.6.1 Even Dollar Round Ups

Up 1.6.1 Release Notes

Boosted Round Ups and Even Dollar Round Ups.

1 min read