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Sender: Here's that $20 from last night. Receiver: Cheers!. Sender: Love heart.

Paying Someone

The area of payments presents one of the bigger opportunities for innovation and improvement in banking, but also exerts the greatest challenge on us to remain truly forward-looking and uncompromising while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.

4 min read

Anson Parker
People working on an IBM mainframe computer.

Rebooting Banking

Our journey began with a simple question: what could a banking platform look like if was built from scratch today, freed from legacy and designed from the outset to embrace the capabilities of current technology?

3 min read

Anson Parker
Marnie and Dom give a big high five.

Up-cycling core banking

Up is treading a different path to most other digital banks in that it’s being developed through a collaboration between a software company (us) and a so-called “traditional bank” (Bendigo Bank).

2 min read

Anson Parker
Locking up the Up logo in a safe.

Lock it Up!

Keeping your money safe is at the heart of everything we do at Up. But effective security doesn’t need to get in your way.

3 min read

Anson Parker
Man standing outside an old bank.

Rebooting Transactions

The humble banking transaction is perhaps the fundamental unit of your financial life. It represents everything from your daily spending and regular bills through to your income and interest payments. It is the key to understanding where your money actually goes, yet it’s one of the most neglected and outdated parts of today’s banking experience.

5 min read

Anson Parker