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Up is banking bliss and 100% mobile. It’s super easy to try - open an account in minutes and join over 800,000 Australians experiencing the financial control of Up. Upgrade your banking now.

The Highest Rated Banking App in AustraliaNo Lending To Fossil Fuel ProjectsNo Monthly FeesUp is easy to trySuper Safe: money is held by Bendigo BankLocal Support in Melbourne, Australia

Easy Budgeting

Put your budget on cruise control. Say goodbye to nasty surprises, know where every buck goes and how much you can spend.

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Easy Saving

Map out Savers for the things you want and need. Up brings the tools to make filling them up a breeze. The only winner of this game is you.

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Easy With Mates

Money with mates just got easy. Slice bills and request cash from your mates (we’ll handle the reminders). Send money with a chat and a gif. Ready to go multiplayer? Fight finances in co-op mode with 2Up.

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    Get locally-based support, 7 days a week using Talk to Us in-app. Convenient, super helpful. Not your standard call centre.

    Join over 800,000 Australians already experiencing Easy Money with Up.

    It’s time to dip your toes in the water. Create an Up account in minutes. If you don’t like it, no sweat. Just close it in‑app.

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