Welcome Bonus: Conditions of Use

Welcome Bonuses are designed so that new Upsiders can quickly experience the magic of being on Up, with features like instant balance notifications and auto‑spend categorization.

To qualify, you must have first passed ‘KYC’ and ID verification successfully. The Welcome Bonus offer may then appear at the top of your activity feed. If it does, you can activate the offer by making 5 separate eligible purchases (in-person with your physical/digital card, or online) within your first 30 days as an Up customer.

For a purchase to be eligible it must be $3 or more. If these conditions are met, you’ll instantly receive $1 cashback (up to a total of $5).

We may at our absolute discretion cancel your access to Welcome Bonus payments at any time and without notice to you.

Without limiting the circumstances in which we may do so, we may also cancel your access to this feature if:

  • We believe you are acting in a fraudulent, deceptive or misleading way.
  • We close your account.
  • We believe the security or quality of the Up app or related services is threatened.
  • You have unpaid fees or charges, or direct deposit dishonours on your account.

Please note, the following items will not be counted as eligible purchases:

  • Cash out;
  • Any transactions which have been reversed or cancelled;
  • Cash advances;
  • ATM withdrawals;
  • BPay payments;
  • Pay Anyone payments;
  • Any gambling related transactions; and
  • Any transactions via money transfer services.

Staff members of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (or Subsidiary) or Ferocia Pty Ltd are not eligible to receive Welcome Bonus offer payments.

If you have further questions, use the ‘Talk to us’ tab in the app to contact our Support team.