Upsider experiences.

Don't just take our word for it, hear directly from Upsiders on their experience with Up Home.

Holly + Mitchell

City: Eaton, WA

Age: 25, 28

A seamless experience.

“We refinanced to Up since we were already using them for our everyday banking and the rate was much better than our other bank... I do love having everything in one place and all our savers become offset accounts too.”

George + Vanessa

City: Sydney, NSW

Age: 38

Super easy, really smooth.

“Very straight forward. I’ve refinanced before with multiple banks and process generally take 30-60 days depending on how complex your loan is. With UP I was approved the next day after applying, documents signed and returned a week later by mail...


City: Perth, WA

Age: 30

A different experience to every other bank.

“When you consider the "packages" that you have to pay with other banks to get multiple offsets, etc it starts to work out in your favour.”