Pay it back faster.

Up was built to help you save faster, with less pain, for things that are important to you. If owning your home outright is your biggest goal, why not use all the finest Up features to fast track your loan?

Remember, any advice provided on this website is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal needs, objectives and financial circumstances. You should consider whether it is appropriate for your situation.

Saver offsets

Most banks give you one or two offset accounts. At Up, your spending money and all the Savers on your Up or 2Up account offset the cost of your loan. Doesn’t matter if you’re stashing an emergency fund or just running the shopping budget – every day that a cent stays in those Savers, saves you.

Round Ups

Round Ups kick your purchases up to the nearest dollar, stashing the extra cents into the Saver of your choice.

Set up an extra free Saver offset just for your Round Ups and watch them add up. When you’re used to saving cents, Boost your Round Ups to a dollar… then two… can you make it to ten? Flex that extra equity.

Track it, Save it, Stash it

Lots of Upsiders stick Budget Trackers on important spending categories to keep an eye on what’s going out. If you Track your supermarket shopping, fashion budget or going out money, you could punt any savings at the end of the month right onto your loan.

Pay Day shows you how much you have left the day before you get paid again. If you’re feeling it, that extra money could go on your loan one week, mimosas the next.

Split for Success

Pay Splitting lets you carve up your pay into a bunch of different Savers as soon as it hits your account, and before you get a chance to spend it. If you want, you could split an extra percent off your pay, then two, into a free offset Saver — and even make a plan to Split any future raises onto your loan.


Up’s Insights show you where you’re really spending. Check in with your cash to see where little changes could add up to a lot. Do you maybe have enough bedazzled jeans now — so you could dial down your fashion spend for a while and make extra payments? Or don’t, we’re not your mum. Just some thoughts. Go thrive.

Sound good?

Only your heart can answer that question. But we can maybe help: here’s our guide to the kind of ace human Up Home is designed for.

Fair rates. No sneaky fees

Our home loans are haggle-free, and we’ve ditched a lot of bank fee bollocks to make your loan cheaper. 

How our fees and rates work

Stick with your Savers

Keep all your Up Savers, and see your money in one place. Savers automatically switch from earning interest to offsetting your loan.

What’s the magic with Up offsets?

Own it on turbo

Shorten the life of your loan with Round Ups, Boosted Round Ups, Pay Splitting, and all the Up features you love.

Show me how to speed it up!

First time friendly

Start off with as little as a 10% deposit in metro and major regional areas.

Is Up Home right for me?

Mighty fine details

Home loan words can be… a lot. Check out our plain English guide if anything on this page could use a little explanation.