Senior Engineering Manager

About us

We’re a passionate team of engineers, designers and dreamers reinventing banking. Ferocia is a technology company within the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group whose focus is on delighting customers with simple, effective and high-quality banking software. Our flagship product is (Up)– with over 800,000 customers who love opening their app every day to build a better relationship with their money:

Ferocia hits that sweet spot of having a small company rhythm, with a large company reach and resources. We are proud that the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group is carbon neutral, community minded, and committed to high standards of corporate governance. Operating under that umbrella allows Ferocia to better pursue its mission: financial empowerment through technology.

The Role

We're looking for a Senior Engineering Manager to join us at Ferocia as we grow and evolve two of Australia’s most loved banks (Up and Bendigo Bank). Our teams are getting bigger and taking on a wider scope, so we’re looking for a seasoned leader to help us create and refine the processes and functions that ensure engineers can excel. It’s not quite a greenfields role, but pretty close, and you’ll have the opportunity to contribute at the early stages of a new approach to software delivery for the Bendigo and Adelaide Group (in which we play a key part). Something about trust, reliability, compliance?

We’re a small company, operating under the umbrella of a much bigger one, and this role will involve using all your creativity and experience to define and build the interfaces between the two. As you can imagine, the differences in culture, approach and ways-of-working between a 165-year-old bank and a 13-year-old tech company can be pretty big! We need someone who can bring empathy, deep expertise in delivery, and creative thinking to help us build bridges that will allow the expertise of both companies to shine.

We combine the best in modern software development practices with the rigor and security required to operate in the Australian financial industry, and this is the secret to our success. Small teams empowered to make quick decisions and supported by experts allow us to ship multiple times a day and adjust course or jump on new opportunities as they arise. You will be part of the leadership team tasked with ensuring we stay lean and lowercase-agile as we grow. Our tech stack is largely composed of Ruby on Rails and React/React Native built and run on GCP. This role is not a hands-on technical role, and we don’t expect you’ll have the time to code, but you should be strongly conversant with modern SaaS-style software and what makes it work well.

You'll spend your days working closely with a group of people who like to build software that aspires to be the best it can be; and balance that with professional development, team time, and time to breathe and think. We spend a lot of time investing in a team that collaborates effectively, and we'll want you to as well.

What you bring

  • A minimum of three years managing software delivery teams.
  • A strong opinion on what good software delivery processes look like and how to implement and nurture them. This needs to go hand-in-hand with the ability to compromise when circumstances require it.
  • Demonstrated experience introducing significant change to a team/group, with empathy and clarity.
  • Experience mentoring or coaching managers, with experience managing managers as a bonus.
  • A clear understanding of just how valuable effective communication is in software development, and the ability to do it at a high level across multiple avenues.
  • An innate desire to do a good job, and to help the people around you do a good job too. “Do the right thing when no one is watching” is one of our most cherished values.
  • The right to work permanently in Australia.
  • During the first few weeks of employment, the ability to attend our Melbourne CBD office at least three days per week. Ongoing, office attendance is compulsory for six company days per year.

Not quite ticking every box? Throw your hat in the ring anyway! At Ferocia, we're all about shaking things up and rewriting the rules. We thrive on diversity and inclusion, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to step up and shine. Let us be the judge of your qualifications for this role – you might just surprise yourself!


We have a hybrid work culture where you can attend the office as much or as little as makes sense for you and your team. We place a lot of value on spending time together in person, so while we won’t dictate how many hours or days you spend in the office per week, we are currently only hiring folks who can get themselves to our Melbourne office as described above.

Everyone gets the standard four weeks of annual leave, and the office also closes down for a couple of weeks over the Christmas break (think of it like a loooooooong weekend) in addition to those four weeks. We have a generous parental leave policy and are extremely friendly to flexible working arrangements.

To Apply

Please apply here, and attach your resume and a brief spiel on yourself, and we’ll take it from there.

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